2019-2020 Board of Directors

John “Ed” Hagerman – President
Mike Newman – Vice President
Cathy Winston – Secretary
Bill Herring – Treasurer
Brandon Elliott – Member at Large
Debbie Gamble – Member at Large
Gayle McKinney – Member at Large

The board is comprised of 7 members.  Board members are elected at the annual meeting in June.  In even years, three board seats are filled.  In odd years, 4 board seats are filled.  A board term is 2  years.  Board members may serve two consecutive terms.

Board Meetings

There is no set day of the month for board meetings, due to the difficulty of finding a date when all of the members can attend. Rather, at each meeting, the members select a date for the following month.  The board attempts to post the date and location of the next meeting on the website, but if it does not appear there, feel free to inquire by email: board@rockfordwoods.com.   All residents are welcome, but since meetings are held at board members’ homes,  whenever possible please notify that the board or the host that you plan to attend.